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Date with Tbilisi
A date with Tbilisi - an immersive tour in headphones with actors and 60 minutes of true love. George, a native of Tbilisi, not only takes you to the most romantic places in the city, but he himself suddenly meets the love from his childhood, Aniko. Their love story comes to life along with the love stories of famous residents of Tbilisi: Mantashev, Pirosmani, Kalantarovs and many others.

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This is not just a tour, but an immersive action with full dive into the atmosphere of the city - the actors act out scenes in the courtyards and front doors, and a real audio performance sounds in the headphones. The voices, music, and sounds of old Tbilisi will help you immerse yourself in every story.
For a moment you will find yourself in the epicenter of the robbery, in a minute you will live the day of the Georgian courtyard from the arrival of the matson to the evening dominoes and see the dance of Pirosmani and Margarita the night before separation.
And instead of decorations, you will find old front rooms, luxurious villas and colorful streets of Sololaki - the most beautiful district of Tbilisi.
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