We create and host role-playing games. Imagine: you find yourself in a different era, but you are not yourself anymore. Maybe you are a young cabaret dancer from Paris or one of the Greek Gods?

Try our role-playing games, meet new people, become part of our community and just have fun!
What is
Trickster Games?
Before the game starts you will get an envelope. Your role description and your goals for the game are in there. But careful - do not open it until we start!
Roles are tied with each other and belong to the same setting, so you need to interact with other players as much as possible. Our moderator will guide you and answer your questions throughout the game.
Our favorite part is when people get together after the game and make new friends. That's most of the fun! Our games are designed so we can sit together afterward and chat about the game over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.
Have you ever dreamt of overthrowing Zeus or making a love potion? In this game, you can! Let's see where your imagination will lead you.

Greek Gods
You are one of the 24 personalities stuck in the head of one person. Will you cooperate and help him to escape from the prison?
Billy Milligan
During this flight, everything didn't go according to plan. The crew and the passengers should stick together to save their lives. But remember: in the end, each of them pursues their own interests...
The Plane
When the whole world is in danger and no one knows what to do, you are the guy to the rescue. You are the only one who can see through the mist...

The Mist
Well-known artists from all over the world are competing for a vacant spot at the most famous art exhibition. Will you be able to make the shortlist?
Another side of art
Jump as a Tigger, race on Aladdin's flying carpet, and compete with other princesses for the best Disney princess title - there is a role for everyone!
You are a suspect in the theft of the most significant painting of the century. Can you prove your innocence?
Chicago, 1920s. Money, power, drugs, and weapons.

Role-playing games for birthday parties, corporate events, and team-buildings. We can tailor a unique game for your event!

  • Together we choose the theme
  • We make updates to the game or create one from scratch
  • Our host goes to your party and makes it unforgettable
Create your own game!
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